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This is an exciting time for the aviation industry worldwide. Despite the slow down in the global economy since 2008 and tight competition for passengers, cargo and new aircraft sales, the industry continues to grow by inventing new products.

In Kenya, the aviation industry is recording dramatic growth thanks to expanding regional and global trade. More and more Kenyans can afford air travel today, unlike the past when air transport was associated with expatriates and tourists. Meanwhile, the city of Nairobi is becoming an African hub for air travel with connections to the rest of the world.

There are interesting developments in military aviation within East Africa. Economic growth witnessed in the past decade means that countries in the region can now afford to upgrade their military fleets for the first time in 40 years. New jet fighters are joining existing fleets. Helicopters have become standard operating equipment for militaries in the region, used for cargo and as airborne gunships.

Compared to the rest of the world, there are actually very few publications specializing on the aviation industry in Kenya. For the most part, news on aviation usually only appears after a disaster.

This website,, is established as an online publication that presents news, features, images and video on aviation matters relating to Kenya. Global aviation issues with relevance to Kenya and those of interest to the Kenyan audience will also be presented.

The website is envisioned to evolve into an authoritative source of news and features on civil and military aviation.

The authors of commit themselves to impartial reporting, getting all sides of the story before publishing. We encourage you, the reader, to get in touch with us on any information that you wish to share with players in Kenya’s aviation industry. We can use your material to create articles.

We will also feature advertisements and paid announcements.

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