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Unveiled: Jambojet’s livery and cabin crew uniforms

Kenya’s latest low cost carrier this evening unveiled the livery for its aircraft and cabin crew uniforms. Jambojet, a subsidiary of Kenya Airways, launched its livery just five days before its first flight.

A Jambojet Boeing 737 with the carrier's livery.

A Jambojet Boeing 737 with the carrier’s livery.

The livery features pink-coloured, zebra-skin patterns on the tail. The rest of the aircraft is white with the brand name “” emblazoned on the sides. The Jambojet lettering also is in pink colour.

Crew uniforms feature strong pinkish hues.

Models showing off Jambojet's crew uniforms.

Models showing off Jambojet’s crew uniforms.

Its worth noting that the colour pink was a main feature of Kenya Airways’ first low cost subsidiary, Flamingo, which operated for a few years in the early 2000s. This time, Jambojet’s prospects are much better than those of Flamingo due to improved internet penetration in Kenya that enables more people to book flights online. In Flamingo’s days, internet access was slow and expensive. Internet access through mobile phones was still the stuff of science fiction.

Another consumer trend working in favour of Jambojet is the greater penetration of online payment platforms through mobile phones, credit cards and debit cards.

“The first flight will take off on April 1st at 6.45 a.m. to Kisumu,” said Willem Hondius, Jambojet CEO, during the unveiling.

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