Kenyan ground handling company wins IATA certification

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has certified a Kenyan ground handling company following a successful audit.

The company, Kenya Aerotech, joins a pool of approximately 160 ground handling firms across the world that have complied with IATA’s Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO).

Kenya Aerotech recently provided ground handling services to US Secretary of State John Kerry's VC-32 (military Boeing 757) at JKIA Nairobi.

Kenya Aerotech recently provided ground handling services to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s VC-32 (military Boeing 757) at JKIA Nairobi.


“By undergoing the audit we benefit by having safer ground operations with fewer accidents and injuries, reducing costs associated with damages that would have been incurred,” reads a statement from Kenya Aerotech.

Over a period of three days in September 2014, an ISAGO auditing team assessed Kenya Aerotech’s organization and management, load control, passenger handling, baggage handling, aircraft handling and loading, and aircraft ground movements.

What ground handling companies do

Ground handling companies help airlines by moving luggage to or from the aircraft, cleaning the cabin, towing aircraft, coordinating refueling and carry out visual inspections. Ground handling companies can also be contracted to provide security while an aircraft is at the airport.

Some ground handling providers have expanded their scope of work to include obtaining clearances for aircraft (landing, navigation and overflight), import and export documentation, weight and balance, as well as arranging accommodation and catering.

In Kenya, there are well developed ground handling services at major airports. The companies active in the sector include both foreign and home-grown players.

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