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Ex-Skyaero staff lament non-payment of dues

Former employees of Skyaero are lamenting a lack of payment for their services, months after the start-up airline ceased flying between Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

Some of the ex-employees, who requested anonymity, say they feel cheated and have vowed to ensure that they get paid.

“No money, no payments, no news of bankruptcy, no announcement, most of the staff found another job but lost a year of their financial life,” an ex-employee of Skyaero confided in us.

“Our situation is the same, still they [management] are hiding somewhere not answering any emails or calls or skypes … they think after a while everybody will give up asking for their money … they ran away and made so many people miserable …”

The ex-staff say Skyaero exploited their passion for airline work.

Skyaero launched scheduled flights between Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu last May, but fizzled out in months. The airline had no kind of publicity, making one wonder how it expected to attract passengers in the first place.

Some of the airline’s top management were: John Clarke (Chairman), Shaun Dewey (Chief Operations Officer) and Mike Carvath (Chief Business Development Officer). The Director of Flight Operations when the airline started was listed as Captain Kokoro Janda.

In a previous article, our source expressed surprise that Kenyan authorities tolerated Skyaero’s existence. “KCAA should consider this a scam operator and not let them to abuse your nation under the name of airlines … why do you let these people stay in Nairobi when not even the Somalis could support them?


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