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Fastjet chooses parrot as its mascot and logo. Really?

Fastjet, the latest entrant in Africa’s low cost carrier segment, has chosen the African Grey Parrot for it’s mascot and logo.

Artist’s impression of a Fastjet Airbus A319 bearing the new parrot logo.

Not to pour cold water on Fastjet’s efforts but why would they choose the African Grey Parrot out of all the wildlife in Africa?

“The African Grey is renowned for its intelligence and is therefore a perfect personification of Fastjet’s motto; smart travel,” Fastjet’s Chief Executive Ed Winter is quoted explaining the choice.

The African Grey Parrot does not feature prominently in African folklore, especially in East Africa. Yet, in a statement, Fastjet says that the African Grey Parrot was, “carefully selected following in-depth market research in Africa.”

The new branding will replace the existing logo. Meanwhile, Fastjet will begin selling tickets next week ahead of the airline’s first flight this month. The airline’s new web site will provide information on routes and fare schedules. The site will allow tickets to be bought using credit/debit cards as well as mobile phone technology that debits the users phone accounts. Additionally, tickets will be sold through travel agents and Fastjet’s own sales desk, call centre and offices throughout East Africa.

Tickets will be available from as low as $20 one-way exclusive of taxes and charges.

The airline now has three Airbus A319s as part of its fleet. All three aircraft are in the process of being painted with the Fastjet livery before being dispatched to Tanzania ready for the launch.

“We are excited that the launch is now imminent and that Fastjet will be turning from a concept into a reality,” said Fastjet Chairman David Lenigas.

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